Nature park Südheide

Where pearls grow and the white-tailed eagle has its territory

In the south of the Luneburg Heath, between the romantic little heath villages of Hermannsburg, Müden (Örtze), Eschede, Unterlüß and Winsen/Aller, a unique and rugged region stretches out that holds undreamt treasures.

Large forest, so deep and beautiful that they remind of a primeval forest, alternate with small and large, often slightly hilly heather areas. Here you may encounter the shepherd and his herd of moorland sheep. Between the heather ancient juniper bushes, even North Germany's largest juniper forest can be found here.

Next to it sprawling fields and lush green meadows. Here and there the rippling water of  idyllic little heath streams.

The “Haußelberg” is a wonderful viewpoint. It is 118 m high and from here you will have a magnificent view over the beautiful sprawling heath areas.

Discover the numerous natural beauties far away from mass tourism on well marked cycling - riding and hiking trails or enjoy the landscape on a canoe tour from a completely different perspective.

Our pretty heath village is the ideal starting point for discovery tours in the multifaceted landscape.

The hiking paradise Südheide awaits you in the nature park. A total of 23 themed circular hiking trails, such as the river-forest adventure trail, lead through the pristine nature of the nature park.

You can vary the trails into long, medium and short tours to your heart's content. A ring binder for the tours is available at the hotel.

The Heidschnuckenwanderweg also runs with its stages through the Südheide. Several stages can be easily reached from our hotel, so that you have a fixed accommodation for the hike.

We are also happy to help you with the luggage transport to the next hotel.