General terms and condition of business

General terms and condition for the hotel accommodation contract

1.) The accommodation agreement (tenancy agreement) will be concluded, as soon as the room is booked or confirmed or is made available, if a confirmation was not possible for time reason.

2.) Concluding the accommodation agreement means the contracting parties are obliged to fulfil their part of the agreement regardless the duration of the contract. The contract cannot be cancelled unilaterally.

3.) The option data is binding for both contracting parties. The hotel reserves the right to let the hotel rooms booked to third parties upon expiry of the option data

4.) On the day of arrival, the hotel rooms booked will be available for the guests at 3 pm. The guest shall not be entitled to occupy the rooms/beds at an earlier time.

  •  On the stipulated day of departure, the hotel rooms have to be vacated and made available to the hotel by no later than 12 pm. Thereafter the hotel may invoice 50 % of the full price (list price) due to the belated vacation of the hotel room. After 6 pm the hotel may charge 90% of the full price. Contractual claims of the customers shall not be established hereby.
  • Unless it was not expressively agreed upon a later arrival time, the hotel reserves the right to let the hotel rooms booked to third parties after 6 pm.

5.) The guest does not acquire the right to the provision of certain hotel rooms. Should the hotel rooms booked be unavailable for whatever reasons, the hotel is obliged to provide an equivalent hotel room in the hotel or ,as far as it is reasonable, in other hotels or pensions.

6.) The hotel may make changes to the prices for the hotel rooms and/or other services of the hotel, if the guest requests to make subsequent changes to the number of hotel rooms booked, the services provided by the hotel or the lengths of stay.

7.) Alterations and cancellations of hotel rooms or travel assignments booked which applies to group bookings will be invoiced as follows:

  • Up to 40 days before arrival without any cost for the client
  • 39 up to 30 days before arrival 30 % of the full price
  • 29 up to 14 days before arrival 45 % of the full price
  • 13 up to 0 days before arrival 80% of full price

The hotel endeavours to make alternative arrangements for the undrawn hotel rooms and travel assignments, as far as possible, in order to prevent any losses. Until the accommodation is relet, the guest shall be obliged to pay the rates for the contractual period according to the regulations stipulated above.

Single bookings can be canceled free of charge until 6 p.m. 1 day before arrival.

8.) On the date of departure, all accommodation expenses can be paid in cash, with debit card or credit card (Visa or Mastercard). In the event of payment by invoice the hotel will ask in advance for a cost takeover to be covered by the customer.

9.) If the period between the contract closing and the fulfilment of the accommodation agreement exceeds 4 months, the hotel reserves the right to make alterations to the prices without prior notice. Any alterations in the rates of the Value-Added-Tax shall be at the expenses or in favour of the client, regardless the time of contract closing. All stated prices are end prices including value-added-tax. All prices are indicated in Euro.

10.) Additional oral agreements will not be part of the accommodation agreement. Modifications and amendments must be in written form in order to be effective.

In addition to that, the following has to be considered when booking family celebrations, conferences, seminars, exhibitions or lectures:

11.) Any changes made to the number of participants for a group meal must be notified by telephone at least 2 days before the event, otherwise it will be charged 80 % of the performances agreed upon for the place settings ordered.

12.) The organizer/ orderer of the event is liable for the payment of any additionally ordered dishes or beverages by the event participants.

13.) For any losses or damages occurred to objects or exhibits brought to the event the hotel will not assume any liability. All decoration must comply with the fire safety regulations.

14.) Any malfunctions occurring in equipment provided by the hotel, whether technical or other equipment, shall be remedied immediately, if possible. However, the payment may not be withheld nor reduced.

15.) The guest is not allowed to bring along any food and beverages to events. Any exceptions to this provision are subject to an agreement with the hotel. In these cases the hotel will charge a financial contribution to cover the general expenses.

16.) The hotel keeps itself indemnified against all liability for food which was taken home after the event. All our warranties only apply in our hotel /restaurant or for deliveries made by our staff members.

17.) In exceptional cases, the hotel is entitled to withdraw from the agreement for legally-justifiable reasons, particularly in the following cases:

  •  If the fulfilment of the agreement is rendered impossible by force majeure or by other circumstances not within the responsibility of the hotel.
  • If events or rooms are booked by giving misleading or false information or concealment of important information. Important might be the identity of the customer, solvency and purpose of stay
  • If the hotel has a good reason for assuming that the event could jeopardize the smooth business operations, safety or the reputation of the hotel in public, but the attribution to the domain of the hotel.
  • If the purpose or the occasion of the event is illegal
  • The reasonable avoidance of contract shall not entitle the customer to raise a claim for compensation.

18.) The legal domicile is located in Celle.

19.) If individual provisions of these general terms and conditions of business are void in whole or in part, the effectiveness of the remaining provisions thereby will not be affected. In other respects the statutory provisions shall apply.